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Bela Padilla, Ibinunyag Sa Publiko Ang Totoong Relasyo Niya Sa Kanyang Ex-Boyfriend Na Si Neil Arce

Bela Padilla has stated that she has “no resentment” toward her ex-boyfriend, film producer Neil Arce, and his now-fiancée, fellow actress Angel Locsin.

Neil and Bela dated for four years before splitting up in January 2017.

Angel announced in September of that year that she was dating Neil, with whom she had been acquainted for seven years at the time.

In February 2018, the two declared their relationship, and in June 2019, they announced their engagement.

Bela, Neil, and Angel are all “open minded” and “mature” enough to continue friends despite their history, Bela stated in an interview with G3 San Diego on Monday, July 26.

“Neil is very mature, I’m also very mature. Angel… I still consider a friend. Like I feel like if she needs anything from me or I need anything from her, we can still go to each other. Like there’s no animosity at all,” she said.

Added her, “There’s no need for me to cut ties if I don’t have to… The showbiz industry in the Philippines is very small. I don’t want to avoid going to a certain building because I might run into someone. I hate that feeling. Why would I stress myself like that?”

It takes a particular level of maturity, according to the Maanita actress, to end a relationship while remaining friends with an ex.

“[It also depends on] your personality types,” she said. “Like I’m very non-confrontational. I feel like Neil is also non-confrontational. Angel is as well.

“Like we’re also at an age where we don’t need to fight or bicker anymore, and there’s really nothing to fight about. Because the reason why we broke up is because we didn’t like each other that way anymore,” she added.

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