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LOOK: Sofia Andres Shows Off Room of Her Baby Daughter Zoe Natalia

Sofia Andres surprised everyone when she finally announced that she is now a mother.

Just few months after the young actress admitted that she is now in parenthood, Sofia is as proud mom as she could ever be.

As a quick recall, the Kapamilya actress introduced baby Zoe Natalia through uploading her photos on her Instagram.

After this, Sofia shared videos and photos from the Christening of Zoe. She gave birth in other country but went back here in February and celebrated the intimate Christening of her daughter.

In the said event, it was very private as there was no news or leaked photos at that time. Actually, Kathryn Bernardo knew it all along as she is one of the godparents.

And now, Sofia shared to everyone the very own room of her lovely daughter, Zoe Natalia.

The room was actually redesigned and renovated. It has its own nursery lounge, play area, nursery dresser, bench seating, display shelving, and cradle area.

It may be a room for a baby, but it is still looks classy and elegant. They used blush and plush and mostly neutral colors that made the room so classy for a baby.

They called it “home fluffing” as there was no huge renovation has been done but still worked from the scratch.

Seeing the photos, you would love to stay in this baby’s room. It has every corner detailed from ceiling to floors and up to the walls.

This leave everyone in awe as baby Zoe is finally having her own nursery room. It looks like a princess room turns into reality.